Peace & HIGH tea


Peace & HIGH tea

Boohoo crop top

Red shirt
$33 –

Red jacket

Gap jeans

TOMS sneaker

Forever 21 gold watch

Eos lip treatment

Nail lacquer


Sweet October

Oooh sweet October, you’re here, baring crisp cool weather that makes it okay to indulge in my sick obsession for scarfs and socks, allowing Breast Cancer awareness to make itself even more aware, the color pink being seen everywhere, celebrating twenty two days into you, my first breath, seven days after, my mother’s first breath. October you have always been my favorite. Even your name is different from the others. You tell everyone that hot chocolate and spiced cider are the drinks to rave about. Apple picking season has arrived, just don’t forget about your pumpkins, craving scary and goofy faces to call “Jack O Lanterns.” Oktoberfest!!! My German roots wont be tapped into at the festival in San Diego this year, but ill be sure to load up on sauerkraut and brew! And without fail October, you present me with new opportunities on your first day. Every October. To jumpstart your greatness I’ll be wearing an all black ensemble with my favorite scarf… the pink Aztec one, I’ve only been wanting all year for you!


Current Obsessions

Current Obsessions

Defeat From Ugly Feets

Seen this girl today. Wouldn’t even call her a girl the way her body moved. Seen a Amazon who clearly was taken out of her forest, today. Pondered more than I should have on if you would prefer her than me. Depicted this Amazon stranger as if I had the right.

Her hips and thighs moved when she moved and the shirt thar graced her very back I owned the same one, only mines was in black. Her hair weave, twenty six inches of greatness and skin the same color as mines, my hurt began to ache with the quicken pace because I know, no shadow of doubts you would have preferred her to me.

No, her feet weren’t pretty like mines, eyes not even twice as daring like mines, she ain’t even have a book in her hand like me but I was overwhelmed with this… she.

I felt she was better than me. I felt if I just looked like that or if I could change this, there would be no shadows clouding my mind.

I could no longer concentrate on my book because this pretty skin, ugly foot, earphones in, heavenly shaped Amazon stranger had stolen my man.